Friday, December 21, 2007

JANUARY Memory Works Express Kit

I am really looking forward to getting this kit in January.

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DECEMBER Memory Works Express Kit

This picture is missing a few papers, ribbons, and embellishments I have already used. This is a super fun kit!
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Thursday, December 20, 2007


As I was looking through my posts, I noticed there was a post that was saved as a draft, but never actually I will try this again.

Here is a page I did of Natasha and I. I have also been into the color pink a lot lately. I used a lot of rub-ons for this page. I also cut some circles from some scraps of patterned paper.

These are some of the colored rub-ons. Most of the time you will find black or white rub-ons.

Another rub-on and a flower!
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I guess red has been my favorite color to scrapbook lately. I am currently out of printer ink--it's supposed to be coming in the mail soon, and so I have been working on some pictures that I had printed previously. These are some of my favorite pages! I have been seeing my scrapbooking style change. Lately it has been a lot of bold colors, browns, glitter, lots of embellishments crowded together, and funky patterned paper. Getting the Express Kits from Memory Works and using the products has been a TON of fun!!

Haha! You'll probably need to click on this one also to get the full perspective of what is going on in this picture. Natasha took this picture of Quent and I last year. The paper came from the December Express Kit by Memory Works. The back side has some beautiful designs on it too! Check out the next post to see the details of the chipboard letters spelling "ME" and also the flower I made out of ribbon. It was the first time I did that!

Paper has been a big thing for me lately. What I am discovering is that the biggest part of planning a page for me involves two main things...the picture and the paper. Those two things are going to be what expresses the feelings you want to portray. Now, I may have just lost some of you...but really, scrapbooking is about expressing and capturing memories through the pictures you have. It's art! Ok...I'm getting off a little bit here. Ha! Check out the post below to see more detail. Oh...this is a picture of me and my friend Carly.
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RED--upclose and personal

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Orange is one of my favorite colors right now. This picture is dark on purpose. I played around with it on Photoshop. I used quite a few brushes on this layout. All of the hearts, except for the sewn hearts are brushes, along with the 2 bright pink sun-shaped ones, and the boxes around the picture and journaling.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

3 Digi's

Different, but fun.

This is one of my favorite pages I have made digitally. I "scrap-lifted" from Look familiar? I love all of the bright colors.

This is a pretty simple page. I may add something to it later on.
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Friday, December 7, 2007

I LOVE glitter!!!!!!!!!

Recently I saw an ad in Creating Keepsakes magazine for Martha Stewart crafts and it said, "Let it glitter, let it glitter, let it glitter!" Right on!

Oh glitter!! I just LOVE the way these flowers turned out!

I found a product I am giggling about! It's Doodlebug's sugar glitter. I bought a set of these small bottles. GLITTER!!! Quent should be afraid...VERY afraid!! Bwhahahahahahaaa!!
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The background paper was purchased specifically for a page like this. Don't be afraid to combine different colored papers. The center of the flowers are something I made months ago using Crystal Effects from Stampin' Up! To make the embellishments you:
1) stamp your image (circular is best, or something that will fit in a circle)
2) color, glitter, or whatever you want to your stamped image
3) wind wire around a pen (I used a Stampin' Up! marker) until you have as many circles as you will need.
4) take wire off of pen and cut circles from wire
5) reshape circles if necessary
6) put circle wire over stamped image and drop in and spread around Crystal effects
7) let dry to get your epoxy looking embellishment
8) cut out and add to page, card, etc.

I cropped so you can read the journaling. I am learning to find more ways to journal creatively. The bench was a perfect spot!
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Memory Works Express Kit-November

I subscribed to receive an Express Kit each month from Memory Works. They put together a kit of paper, embellishments, ribbons, etc. and it costs just under $40 each month. It's exciting to see what comes and it's neat because some of the products is not stuff I would normally order, so it will widen my creative scrapbooking box. This is what came in November's kit:

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