Thursday, February 28, 2008

That's cute!

After this one is printed I'm going to add some silver rhinestones to it! Those are kinda hard to scan in, so I didn't bother.
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I really liked the way the letters of her name looked and the flowers, but the colors really were bothering me. Haha!


I really wanted to include the picture of her foot on this page, but I couldn't fit it in. Ha! I'll have to save that for another page. This page has similarities to the page posted below of Abby.

Isn't Leah beautiful?

(Ok Bekah, how much do I owe you?) Hee!
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Kitten Invasion

I totally scraplifted this from:

This is about a kitten we watched for a few weeks for some friends. I loved this page idea!

I found the quote "Kittens can happen to anyone." on a calendar we had last year and I thought it was perfect for this page.
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My cousin's little girl is so adorable! I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with her. She's one of those babies that wake up super happy and smiling. These are a couple of pictures I took of her while we were at the park. She was as content as can be hanging out in the stroller, watching her brother playing on the playground.

I really like how this page turned out. To me, it expresses all of those feelings perfectly.

I spotted these flowers at the scrapbook store and just had to have them for this page. Ha!
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Camera Man

I got the idea for this page from the current BHG Scrapbook Etc. magazine or it might be from Simple Scrapbooks. Or is it Simply Scrapbooks?? Haha!

I had a circle that I put on the area I wanted to put the rhinestones around, and then I put the rhinestones on the picture, pulled up the circle and the result was a nice, round circle. Yeah!

I LOVE these black felt flowers from Prima! Boy pictures with flowers on the page? Oh yes! There are no rules in scrapbooking.
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4 Real

I had started this page awhile ago, but then felt like I was stuck. I ended up peeling of an embellishment and starting fresh. I like how this turned out.

There's a lot of rub-ons on this page. I really like the background paper.

I don't usually put numbers on my pages, so I thought it was about time. And what a great excuse to use a sticky die-cut and glitter!

I was recently at Wal-Mart and they had these cute little rhinestones in the craft section. There's probably 200-300 mini rhinestones in a package, with 2 different colors.

Here's an upclose view of the flower I stamped on white paper and then cut out, with a rhinestone flower embellishment. The butterfly and bird are rub-ons, which I believe are from Basic Grey.
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2 Pages

You may recognize the start of the page from an earlier post, minus the picture, flowers and stamped words. I was waiting to finish it with the green felt flowers.

I really liked this paper, but it was super busy so I decided to layer paper under it and then layer the pictures with colored-cardstock underneath too. The rectangle at the bottom is for journaling, which I will do sometime in the future.
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday pages

Today was a beautiful sunny day. It was perfect for scrapbooking.

I apologize that this one is a little dark. I really like this paper by My Mind's Eye. It came in a kit; the "sweet" and "beautiful" die-cuts are from that kit.

One more page to add to the 2008 album. I was super excited to use some of the new brown flowers. This is also paper from My Mind's Eye.

In the past I always scrapbooked in chronological order, but this year that has changed, and it's weird to me. It's been so nice to break out of that box and dive into the newness of scrapbooking! Whoohoo! Anyway...I also used to try to put my pages in the albums in order by date, but now that's becoming tricky since I am not scrapbooking in time order AND I am doing digital on top of that. So, I'm not going to worry about putting them in time order from now on, but just as I complete the pages. It feels a little weird doing this because my mind thinks that Christmas pictures cannot be next to July pictures. Ha! But I know I will appreciate this new way very soon.
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Stamp It Up!

These are the projects we made at my Stampin' Up! club workshop this weekend.

The sticky die-cut letters are lots of fun to pour glitter over. I'm really liking the looks of the new felt flowers.

The white paper in the middle with the design on it, ribbon, and flowers is what we made. Everything else is what I added later. The paper with the designs on it is made with a technique using shaving cream and ink refills. Lots of fun!
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Saturday, February 16, 2008


This was the first page I did last evening.

I did some fun stuff with the photo in Photoshop.

I'll journal on this later. "Family" is with some cool letter tabs from the Autumn Leaves office collection.

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The February Memory Works kit had a lot of Valentine's Day paper and accessories.

Isn't she cute?

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I have other pictures that go along with this picture, but I didn't want to scrapbook them on this page. I'm enjoying scrapbooking one picture on one page right now. Yeah!

This is probably one of my favorite papers! I love the scalloped edges, the colors. I'm really into this "office" type paper right now.

I finally used one of the crocheted flowers. I thought it went perfectly with this page. Notice the glittered flourish.

Stampin' Up! has a new product that are sticky die-cut letters. You peel off the backing, put it on your page, card, or whatever, peel the top off, and pour glitter over it. The glitter sticks beautifully!

I had this idea to make this journaling block before I started this page. I even wrote a note to myself to do this so I wouldn't forget. I typed something on Photoshop, kept the measurements in mind and then printed it. Then I adhered vellum to the back of my glittered chipboard, cut around it, then I adhered the printed journaling behind that. Have fun with your journaling!
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Last page for the evening

A page I saw on inspired this idea.

I *really* like this page! It was SO much fun!
I used up the rest of the flowers that came in the February express kit on this page.

View of the glittery embellishment and die-cut circle.
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Storing Flowers

This is where I store most of my flowers. It's a small 3-drawer container I bought from a hardware store (any store like Target, Walmart, etc) should have these kind of containers.

The drawer is a little full right now, but I will take care of that problem soon. Ha!

You can also buy Prima flowers that are already in a nice storage container or jar.
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My Mess

I believe I chose to scrapbook in the family room because of better lighting last night. The evening started out with a headache, but after that went away I started scrapbooking. This reminded me of what my bedroom used to look like when scrapbooking when I was younger. Sometimes I prefer it like this. The only bad thing was that I had to clean up afterwards instead of just being able to leave a mess in the loft where I normally scrapbook.

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February Memory Works Express Kit

I really liked this kit because it has a lot of my favorite colors in it (red, coral, brown, light cyan, beige). There are things that came in this kit that I had no idea even existed. I like that because it gives me a better idea of what's out there and it's not something I would ordinarily purchase.

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