Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well, this page only took hours to create! Haha! Nah, actually I had life to attend to. Bummer, huh? Ha!

The torn paper was a digital element I bought from Scrap Girls a long time ago, but I forgot I even had it. It wasn't until I was organizing my digi stuff on Photoshop Bridge that I remembered I had them. So today I thought I would try them out. At first I had no idea how to overlay the patterned paper onto the torn paper and make it still look like the torn paper with the stitching. With some help from a friend, the mystery was solved. Yeah!

I had fun creating this page. I love how bright and cheerful it looks.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Page

I wasn't doing much this Sunday afternoon, so I thought I would play with digi. This is what transpired. I really like the color combination.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday Pages

Paint is starting to become like glitter to me. I have a saying that "Glitter makes everything better!" Well, I think paint does the same!

The patterned paper on this page already has it's own paint marks, but I did add some white paint around the pictures. The "sister" letters are new from Doodlebug; I really like them because they are unique and have a little flair to them. The top left corner is black chipboard, which I kindly added rhinestones to. Almost all of the products used on this page are from the April Memory Works kit.

I am slowly going through my 2007 pictures. The top two pages are from November of 2007.

But then again...there are always our trip pictures to scrap. Haha! This one would be considered a hybrid page. Hybrid is combining traditional scrapbooking with digital. The orange dotted paper with the journaling oval and brush is something I created digitally and then printed. I painted some black frames around two of the pictures.
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Painted Heart

I was inspired by something I saw in a magazine called Cloth, Papper, Scissors that my friend Katrina let me borrow.

I used purple! (That's amazing!)

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lost & Found

Yesterday and today I organized all of my digital scrapbooking supplies through Photoshop Bridge. I was amazed at all of the stuff I haven't used in a while or just forgot about. Most of this digital page is made up of those "lost" things. I think this page looks so different than from what I usually do. I may have Quent edit the photo.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This was a fun page! I wanted to bring in some red or pink flowers somewhere, but it wasn't working. I still think something else could be added. When I asked my husband what he thought could be added he didn't really say, but he did tell me other things that could be "changed." Haha! It made me laugh. But you know what...I like things just the way they are. It goes back to what I've said before, you have to do what YOU like!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

All About Me--Not really

Sometimes it's very humbling showing pages with pictures of me...

I want to add more to this page, but I'm not sure what. I wanted to add another picture or two, but they don't seem to fit. I would like to add a word in white on the painted stripes, but I'm not sure what word I want to put yet. As you can see, I'm really not sure. Ha! It was really fun to paint, that I know!

The "lighter" portion of this page was created on Photoshop, as well as the journaling. The pictures were printed separately. The flowers, ribbon, staples, and paint are "real" (not digital).

This is a page I actually sketched out first and then created. I don't always do that. The filmstrip with pictures was created in Photoshop. The stamp set I used is a new one to me by Stampin' Up! called Office Accoutrement. I had been wanting that set for quite awhile and ended up earning it free from Stampin' Up!. I painted the white frame around the top picture, and also the chipboard flourishes. This page is even complete with glitter! (Excuse the weird pictures)
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Good morning

Most of the digital elements are from a free kit found at

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Pages

The first page is the revised edition of "Create". The E's are painted on. It has a white 12 x 12 background, some rhinestones, and a tab. It is complete!

The other morning I woke up and had this page idea on my mind. I think it's so weird that I dream about scrapbooking and wake up thinking about ideas, but I know it's one of the best things to think about! My thoughts were about painting a white square on a black background, with red flowers stamped on the white (dried) paint.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Inspiration came from:
Elsie is one of my favorite famous scrapbookers. She has a very unique style.

This is a digital 8-1/2 x 11 page, which I plan on printing and putting on a 12 x 12 page. I have been noticing myself really liking the look of 8-1/2 x 11 size pages again (I used to scrapbook this size), so I wouldn't be surprised if I went back to that for awhile, or even did both sizes. Since I'm not scrapbooking in order anymore I could do both and have separate albums.

The E's are missing...they will be painted on later.

The journaling is around the border of the page, which a new font from CK. Gotta love new fonts! This one was actually one I purchased from today. It's called CK Petite Hand. I really like handwriting fonts.
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Monday, April 14, 2008


I couldn't leave this page alone. I scraped off the paint by the word LOVE. It was pretty easy to scrape it off, but it did take off some of the black on the letters. But I like that look. I also added some rhinestones on the bottom in the white space.

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I'm not too keen about this page. But I am posting this for a purpose. The black part of this page is from a transparent overlay. I made the picture collage on Photoshop. I painted underneath the transparency. I think the yellow streak need to be fixed or taken away completely.

From what I can see, the paint sticks nicely to the overlay. You can scrape the paint off. It reminds of one of those lottery tickets where you scrape the silver away. (I am posting this to show that you can, indeed, paint on these overlays and encounter no problems).

It was fun to make the picture collage. These pictures go back to when Quent and I were first married. Awww...
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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Awwww...this is Tig (short for Tigger).

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This is our younger kitty, Shadow. She became camera shy shortly after this picture, so you won't see a lot of pages of her. She *hates* the flash. I'll talk about this more another day.

This is a page about something "bad" that happened. Some of you may remember me talking about the flea problem we had about 6 months ago. Honestly, it was hard for me to even look at the sequence of pictures that include this one because it was not a fun thing to deal with, but as I've said before, scrapbooking those "not so fun" moments is ok to do; it's part of life.

This started off being a page with pictures of Bryce Canyon, but it didn't fit the page, so I found this picture and thought it was perfect. It was a sneaky way for me to find a way to scrapbook about the fleas. I think the bright and cheerful colors really helped! The journaling is a bit small (it was smaller than this initially), but I had so much to say. I hope when I have the page printed that I will be able to read it. Ha!
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I just had to...

This is a page that stemmed from this page: I was so inspired by this page that I had to find and purchase the digital kit. It was downloading this kit that created a problem, which took 2 hours to fix. It wasn't the kit, but the person downloading the kit. (That would be ME!) The problem is fixed! Thank the Lord!

For those of you who have been looking at this blog for some time, you know how much of a flower freak I am. Ha! I was SUPER excited about these flowers!! Just about everything on this page is from a website called The kit is called Flower Stand Collaberation. I'm looking forward to exploring more digital items from this website.
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Guy Pages

The picture on this page was another one of those pictures I had printed a long time ago. I don't have too many pictures of my dad, so I scrapbook what I do have. This picture is blurry, but I like it. I'll journal something someday in the bottom right corner.

The patterned paper is the new Cupcake (I think that's what it's called) by Basic Grey. Notice the black brush strokes around the picture. Ha! Flowers? Yup!

This was a good way to use up some of the patterned paper scraps that I have. I used a square punch from Stampin' Up!. There are some things I would like to change about this page...but I won't say and I won't change it. Ha!
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I never ever ever ever thought I would get into this realm of scrapbooking...but here I am...painting!! Making Memories makes these acrylic paints in all different kinds of colors. I bought these from the local scrapbook store (thanks Betty!). I am already hooked on these paints and I've only used them twice. Ha! (Now how does one store these paints?)

I really like this page...a lot. Lately I have really liked the grundgy, crazy, "makes no sense" kind of pages, so this was so much fun to make.

I see a lot of ideas with journaling over paint swipes, so that's what I did for the center of this page. I also have always wanted to paint over transparency type paper, so I did that on this page too. The letters were transparent, as well as the file folder thing (over the two bottom pictures).

There are more painting pages to come...stay tuned.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

"Grand" & "Pics"

Have you ever had pictures printed to scrapbook, but you are hesitant to make that first move? That's how I felt with these pictures.

I had this page layout in my mind for awhile, but actually doing it was another story. The journaling is kind of comical on this one.
For the chipboard numbers I colored with a red marker. I like to label pictures with numbers like this and refer to them in the journaling.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This is one of our cats, Tigger, relaxing in the loft. It gets pretty warm up there when the sun is shining through the windows, so he enjoys the warmth.

I wanted to share something I read tonight the April issue of Creating Keepsakes. This is my favorite magazine and my only current subscription. When it comes in the mail, later that evening or the first chance I get, I make a mug of a warm drink and I sit with the magazine and slowly look through it. It's very relaxing and I get super excited when one of these come in the mail.

What I want to share comes from page 64, by Ali Edwards.

She says: THERE'S NO "RIGHT WAY" TO SCRAPBOOK. Regardless of anything else, there's no right or wrong way to approach scrapbooking. It's the creative expression of your memories--the personal documentation of you and your family's life experience. If you feel like scrapbooking one photo, go for it. If you want to include 12 photos on a page, go for it. If you want to make an entire book with no photos, go for it. Don't get caught up in comparisons with friends and their pages. These are your memories and you get to choose how to create them.

Amen sister!

This is exactly what I have been thinking and feeling! Let's relax and GO FOR IT!

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Next to my work table I have a plastic 3-drawer storage container. After reorganizing the top drawer, I thought I would take some pictures of it. It really was quite a mess before this.

This is the top drawer.
I have it divided into 4 parts.
Top left corner is embossing powders and Pearl Ex.
Bottom left corner is for adhesives or any type of glue.
Top right corner is miscellaneous.
Bottom right corner is glue dots, sponges, cotton balls, and Q-tips...yes, those bathroom essentials. Ha! (Don't worry, they are used for stamping purposes)

This is the middle drawer, and uh, it needs a little help. As you can see, the ribbon is a *little* out of control. I kind of like it that way right now though. Ha! The left side is a basket full of buttons...Bag O Buttons in different color groups. If you look real closely you can even see some marbles.

The bottom drawer (not shown) has my word and letter stamps.
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