Thursday, April 10, 2008


This is our younger kitty, Shadow. She became camera shy shortly after this picture, so you won't see a lot of pages of her. She *hates* the flash. I'll talk about this more another day.

This is a page about something "bad" that happened. Some of you may remember me talking about the flea problem we had about 6 months ago. Honestly, it was hard for me to even look at the sequence of pictures that include this one because it was not a fun thing to deal with, but as I've said before, scrapbooking those "not so fun" moments is ok to do; it's part of life.

This started off being a page with pictures of Bryce Canyon, but it didn't fit the page, so I found this picture and thought it was perfect. It was a sneaky way for me to find a way to scrapbook about the fleas. I think the bright and cheerful colors really helped! The journaling is a bit small (it was smaller than this initially), but I had so much to say. I hope when I have the page printed that I will be able to read it. Ha!
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