Monday, June 30, 2008


I was really inspired by Lana's summer page. She is one of my biggest inspirations! (Thank you, Lana!!)

I really wanted to add more to this page, but I think I better just leave it. I don't want to take away from the picture. I downloaded a new kit this morning from Scrap Girls called Commotion (I think that's it) and I played with some of the elements right away.

I think I'm done scrappin' for the's beautiful outside!
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Vacation

I've been having fun scrapbooking our trip from last year. I think my scrapbooking style is in a transition right now. I believe I (may) be going toward the more simple side of scrapbooking...I'm not sure. So until I figure it out, this is what I've been doing:

The original layout sorta (cough) looked like this... I may be making some adjustments to this one before it's printed, but this is the general idea. I think I need to move some of the pictures down. I'm not used to having everything at the top like that.

The little red boxes with the sayings are from the pictures I took of the signs. I have more signs to scrap...not sure what I'll do with those yet.

This page is not finished. I would like to make some finishing touches on it. The Creating Keepsakes font cd I have has the Route 66 graphic on it. I was excited about that! The border took awhile to make. It's actually a "font" box by CK called High Energy Doodles. It was designed by Elsie Flannigan. For those of you who know Photoshop...there are probably about 15-20 layers just in the border. I had to do a lot of rotating, expanding, shrinking, and erasing to get this final border. That was enough for a night! Ha!
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Inspiration

Some more information from the Creating Keepsakes magazine designer Elizabeth Kartchner. These pages have both have the same template.

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Something different

Ok, so this 2-page layout doesn't really fit *my* style (I don't think), but I wanted something simple for these scenery pictures, which are my biggest challenge to scrapbook. I was inspired by the idea below by Elizabeth Kartchner, one of Creating Keepsakes new designers. It's rare that I do 2-page layouts, but I am finding myself wanting to do them more now. We will see what the future brings...

{Digital layout}

This layout is found in the July '08 Creating Keepsakes on page 86.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Combining 12x12 & 8-1/2x11

I know there are so many logical ways of doing things, and I admit I thought of this, but I think I needed an "expert" to tell me that it's ok. Ha!

Good ole Ali Edwards to the rescue!

In this post she shows one of her personal albums, which is a 12x12 ring binder, but she also included 6x12, 8-1/2x11, and other size pages.

Oh the possibilities!

Painted Desert

Here's another page I did today. I should have taken a picture of the "before" definitely needed help. I really like the simplicity of this page and how much the picture pops out.

The glitter chipboard letters are so much fun!! The only paint I used on this page was the green around the picture.
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Tuesday Pages

I don't know if any of you are like me, but I leave things that need to be completed in my albums. Like for instance, I will start a page in January and finish it in June. Haha! Today was one of those days where I put the finishing touches on pages. I also had pictures tucked in page protectors that were screaming "Scrap me please!" It's nice to finish these things.

All of these pages are for the *first* album of the our Grand Canyon trip.

Some Stampin' Up! paper that goes along with the Wanted set came in handy today for this page. I'm noticing I'm really liking 3-D using dimensional stickers that make things pop-up.

You may recognize these pictures from a digital page I posted before. Well, I didn't like that page, so I redid it, traditionally this time. On the center paper I used a corner punch minus the guard to make the scallop edges. This is one of my new favorite things to do! Then I took a SU Chocolate Chip marker and "painted" the edges with it. I really like that look! I attempted to paint a brown box around the photos, but I didn't like that, so I went back to my original idea of boxing in the pictures with ribbon. You can still see the brown paint, but I like it.

Here's an upclose picture of the flowers in the top right corner of the previous page.

That SU paper came in handy again. These pictures layered with a gray-colored paper were orginally on a pinkish colored background paper. It was really bothering me, so I had to switch. Ha!
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

2008 here I come!!

I'm not going to say that I'm "officially" finished scrapbooking 2007 photos. It will be one of those "Oh, I forgot to scrapbook that picture" and then I will scrapbook it. Ha! There are also a lot of scenery pictures that I will put into a separate album and it will be a simple album (seriously). Pictures of scenery are my biggest scrapbooking challenge! Oh, and there's the Grand Canyon scrapbook too, so you see, I'm not really done with 2007.

Here are some digital pages of 2008:

One of the reasons I love digital is because you can take a picture and make it any size, just like I did with the moon photo. I don't think I am completely finished with this page yet, but I might be.

This page was a challenge for me. The first draft totally did NOT look anything like this. I'm honestly surprised at myself that I used blue on this page. I just purchased a new winter jacket because I'm so tired of blue. Can you guess what color my new jacket is? Hee!

After I have this one printed I am getting out "real" buttons and filling in the blanks.

Because I am not scrapping in chronological order anymore, I am putting the dates on each page. It's kinda fun and I leave it as my last detail. With that being said, for some reason I have been scrapbooking in time order with 2008. Interesting...
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Free Journaling Tags

After a little bit of searching I finally found what the June 2008 Creating Keepsakes magazine was talking about. Scroll down mid-page to download the free tags.

More Kitties!

I'm not sure why, but I think I saved all of the cat pictures to scrap for the very end...the very end of scrapping 2007 pictures.

I like how colorful this page turned out! I followed an idea from the June 2008 Creating Keepsakes magazine (page 44, by Jennifer McGuire)

Ha! Tigger yawning! I wanted to make this page "scary" looking. Are you scared? Haha! (I wouldn't be!)
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Stamping Projects

Here are the projects we made at the stamping workshop over the weekend:

For the top card technique here are the directions.

Lumiere was painted over some of the petals to give it a shimmer look. I really like this!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Link Added

This site offers sketches for scrapbook pages. It's kind of like templates. Enjoy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

4th of July

These are some of the 4th of July pictures we took, minus the fireworks (those are going to "fun" to scrapbook)...I'll have to think of something for those. These are simple pages to me, but I'm happy with that! These will be side-by-side in an album someday.

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I think beach pages are my favorite!

This is another hybrid page. The background paper is a sheet I bought from a store when I was in MI. I thought it was perfect for this page. I really had to work on this one at a point because it was looking too busy, so I ended up putting a black frame around the bottom picture. The title was a bit challening too, but I like what I came up with.

The digital set I used was from Scrap Girls called Citrus Splash.

Can you tell what's digital and what's not?

There is a technique on this page that I did, but I will have to explain that later. It has something to do with the top picture.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Hybrid

Hybrid = Traditional + Digital

I said I was going to do 8-1/2 x 11 pages, but I didn't. All of the centers of these pages were created digitally, printed, and then added to 12x12 patterned paper. Embellishments were also added.

I LOVE the colors on this page! I may add more to this page. I scraplifted an idea from the June 2008 CK magazine, page 30.

Look familiar?
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


8-1/2 x 11 has been something I have been contemplating doing for a little while now. It's a smaller and narrower, but I find something very simple about it. Maybe I'm going for a more simple look...doubt it. Ha!

This page is all digital. I plan on printing it on my own printer and starting an album just for this size. I'll see where it takes me.

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Here Kitty Kitty

I recently bought some kitty patterned paper and I decided to put it to good use today.

Years ago I used scissors that created shapes. I thought I had given them to my sister, but today I found them in my small stash of kid's toys. I thought it would be fun to use them...and it was!

The 2 circle pictures do not go along with the rectangle pictures...but who is paying attention? Haha!

I was too lazy to take this page out of the page protector for the picture.

The center part of this page was created on Photoshop. I enjoyed journaling around Tigger.
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These are some pages I did awhile ago.

The center circle of photos was created on Photoshop, with the text included.

The central part of this page was created on Photoshop; then printed and embellishments added. I had the hardest time finding patterned paper for this page, but I think I found a match with the blue.
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I have been MIA because of a vacation to Michigan to visit friends and family. One event was doing the bubble technique with my brother and sisters. It was SO much fun! They really enjoyed it too!

Amanda blowing bubbles.

Christy (that's what they call me) and Katie blowing bubbles together.

One of Jacob's finished products. I think we ended up adding more ink and bubbles to this one.

Katie making a cute face while blowing bubbles.

Katie's fingers afterwards.

Christy's fingers, which stayed pink for a few days. Some of the colors really didn't want to leave my the pink.
What a great time!!!
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