Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Part 1

Tuesday is laundry day.

Don't you love the walls? Haha!

Listening to some tunes.
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Tuesday Part 2

Whew! Clean dishes!

Glimpse of what it looked like outside this day.

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Tuesday Part 3

Good ole vacuum!

Unfolded towels


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Tuesday Part 4

Making dinner

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Tuesday Part 5

I spotted these pretty leaves in our backyard.

High bush cranberry. So good, but tart at first!

Raspberry jam on shortbread. Yum!

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Applying Glitter

I was asked a question about applying glitter. What a great question! So I thought I would post about that.

First you stamp your image. Also in the picture is a 2-way glue pen, which is sold by SU!.

Draw on the stamped image with your glue pen. I just followed the lines of the snowflake. The thickness of the lines will differ depending on what you are wanting the glitter on.

This is the glitter I use the most by SU! called Dazzling Diamonds.

Pour on the glitter & dump what you don't need back into the container. Sometimes I use a piece of paper depending on the size and then I just funnel it through back into the container. Or you can use one of the trays that SU! sells.


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Monday Part 1

I thought I would show some of the pictures I took for the Ali Edwards challenge for the Week in the Life project. I didn't journal much yesterday. I'm trying to figure out how I want to go about this project. Maybe it will just be pictures...I'm not sure.

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Monday Part 2

Breakfast time!

Shadow insists on licking out my basically empty bowl after I have cereal.

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Monday Part 3

Making the bed


Lunch time

Snack time
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Monday Part 4

Quent got a sleeping bag for his birthday which he is trying out.

Tigger loving his gift from Aunt Katie.

And Shadow is enjoying her gift from Aunt Amanda.

Quent getting a hair cut.
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