Saturday, September 20, 2008


I think I'm always thinking of new ways to organize my work (I mean PLAY) area.

A few years ago Quent made me a ribbon holder (bottom shelf), but I admit I haven't used it in quite awhile for ribbon. I had it tucked away because I knew it would come in handy again...and today it found a new hold my punches. I have seen the "Rail System" on sites like twopeasinabucket and pictures of scrap rooms and I really like the concept of just hanging up punches like that. Before my punches were all shoved into a small plastic drawer. I use them a lot, so this new organizer will make them more convenient.

See the jar of buttons at the top right corner? Haha! I had 4 clear plastic bag holders for those buttons, but I wanted to conserve some more space so I dumped them all in one jar. That will make for fun in the future when I dump the entire thing out to get to a certain color on the bottom or in the middle. I think I made more work for myself, but it's so pretty looking!

Also, the purple drawer container at the look down at the bottom drawer of that...that's where all of my flowers are kept. Yes, I downsized big-time! Sometimes I just have to clean out and pass the goodies onto others.
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Lana said...

omg! what a great way to hang your punches! i'll have to try that!