Monday, September 15, 2008

Step-By-Step Hybrid & Pickled Buttons

I thought I would talk about hybrid a bit. Because I'm a digi-lover, but also a traditional patterned paper lover, I want to combine the two (hybrid) as much as possible. I have some paper I really want to put to use, so...

I created this wave of pictures on Photoshop...

And then I "cut" the wave of pictures and dragged the two parts over to another Photoshop "document". I don't have a 12x12 printer (*sad face*), so I have to be creative. Dividing up the picture wave allows me to cut them out and put them together to still create a 12x12 long picture wave. I also added some other things to the page so I could cut them out for my page (but I only used the "Oh!).

Finished product! I have so much more to learn about hybrid. Oh, one cool thing I like about this page is that I outlined "faces" with black, so it really makes it stand out. You will have to click on the photo to get a better view of that.

Pickled buttons! I bought a Bag-O-Buttons a few months ago and put them into this relish jar. So now when ever I open the jar, it smells like pickles. It makes me laugh! I love these little jars for storing such colorful things as buttons. What will you do with your next empty jar of pickles? Haha!
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Rebekah said...

Did you cut out the letters after you printed them? What did you print them on?

Christina said...

I printed it on Photo paper by Epson called Ultra Premium Presentation Paper, the Matte kind. It was printed on the same sheet as the photo wave.

Yes, I cut out the letters. That font was pretty easy to cut out. (=