Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello Pink!

After I posted my last post, I saw the pictures in Picasa that were above the picture I posted. They are some of my childhood pictures. I noticed that I was wearing pink in some of them and I just had to share since I was just talking about how pink has made its appearance back into my life. These pictures made me smile.

Me and my little brother, Matthew. I hadn't seen him for a week before this picture was taken; that hug makes my heart melt. There were only a few times growing up that we were apart. Notice the pink outfit I have on?

Hello again, pink! I don't know how old I was in this one.

Pink pants, pink coloring...haha...ONLY coloring in pink for this one. Haha! Oh, I even have pink hair-ties in my hair!! My hair was in pigtail braids a LOT when I was a kid.

This was the first picture I saw when I was looking through the pics. Look at those bright pink tights!! I remember those. They have white hearts on them. Haha! This picture was taken in my grandparent's basement when they had black walls. It was actually really cool! And that's Snickers, their dog. I sure do miss that pup.
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