Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Page

Happy Monday! Here's a page I created today. This is the second page I have created with the snow angel picture of me, but I just wasn't satisfied with the first creation. This is a pure digital page.

Today I was looking through a blog of a lady who went to the Winter CHA. I found myself intrigued by some of the pages she had taken pics of at CHA, but I also found myself thinking, "Isn't all of the details to that page taking away from the picture?"

Lately I have been rethinking the whole concept of scrapbooking. Why do I scrapbook? What do I want to portray on my pages? So often I just have a picture, some rushed journaling, and all of the other fun stuff. Lately I have been thinking about how I want pictures to be the main well as journaling. When my children, grandchildren, and my great-great-great-great grandchildren look at my scrapbooks I want them to know about what we were like. I think pictures can tell a story without any words, but I want more words. I want to talk about things that matter, like our thoughts, feelings, personality, etc.

I did a lot of journaling on this page, but you don't see it because I took the journaling away for the sake of posting. There are just some things I don't care to share with cyberspace...and that's ok!
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