Monday, March 16, 2009

Stress Mess

The first two pictures is proof of what happens when you've been gone for 3 weeks, buy stuff when you are on vacation, have a lot of mail to open when you get home, have a stamping workshop to prepare for, you are stressed out, and you left a big mess to begin with.

I think cleaning it all up will be a great de-stresser...honest!

And this is proof of my afternoon tea-time today (also a great stress-reliever). I have been trying some new tea. Today it was Almond Sunset and oh is GOOD! Especially with French Vanilla Coffeemate creamer. *licking lips*

This beautiful mug was a gift from a dear friend of mine! Thank you!! I love the hearts; it's perfect!

Also, my kitties are going through cat therapy (where the stress comes from). This is basically what has happened. We've had both cats together for almost 5 years, so this is so odd. I just want our normal cat happy family back. I know we will get there some day, but in the mean time I have to be patient and both kitties have to cooperate (we all know that cats cannot be reasoned with). Haha! I'm laughing now, but I have spent a lot of tears the last few days. They are my kids, really, so this is very hard on the emotions.
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