Monday, March 30, 2009

True Style

A couple of weeks ago I talked about staying true to your style. I saw a great example of WHY that's so important today when I was looking through some of the 2008 pages I created. I have pages I haven't printed that have pics from July of '08...this is unusual for me. Ha! Anyway, when I was looking through the digital pages to see what needed to be printed, finished, etc., I came across some pages that I'm not too crazy about.

I remember right around Christmas-time I was doing a lot of digi, but I remember rushing through it, like I thought I *had* to get it done. I guess I was on some mission to finish 2008. It's really obvious to me that I was in some kind of rush and not really making the most of it. I was in "performance" mode and not really enjoying it. I think it's so weird how I can take something that's supposed to be enjoyable (a hobby) and turn it into slave-driving work. Oops!

This is a page I created around that time, but I never finished it, until today. I like this page!

This was a page I created during that time that I also really like. There's texture, layers, and the pictures are a main focus of the page. I realize that's my style. I like lots of layers, texture, vibrance, etc.

This page lacks vibrance, texture, or any fun. Hahaha! I know...I'm getting down on myself, but I wanted to show a page that lacks my love and enthusiasm for scrapbooking. I don't think I'll be able to send this one off to be printed until it looks like I was having fun creating it. I have pages that I don't particularily care for, but I am leaving them alone. ha!

This page...honestly...looks like was thrown up on by the brush pallette. Hah! It needs a makeover.

So be true to your style. Don't rush. This should be fun!
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Ashley C. Newell said...

The snowboarding layout is awesome! Everything just fits so perfectly!