Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hybrid Prep-work

Usually when I create hybrid pages I print from home first and then add everything, but this time I'm going to have some pages printed professionally first and then I will add embellishments to it later. I'm keeping track of these ideas on a Word document just in case if I forget what I wanted done.

This is actually a 2008 page of a picture that I kept on waiting to scrapbook. I think it's such a beautiful picture of my friend Carrie's daughter and I didn't want to scrap it for the sake of scrapping it. I'll add some flowers/butterflies and other embellishments to it later. This page was inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner's layout on page 101 of the March Creating Keepsakes magazine.

This page was inspired by a layout by Jennifer McGuire on page 41 of the same magazine mentioned above. I really liked the scalloped layers. I'll be adding buttons and some journaling strips later.

I'll post the completed hybrid pages in the future.
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