Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Do you ever just have something on your mind you feel that you need to get OUT? That's what I'm feeling like right now. Ok, here goes...

Lately I have been finding myself looking at other people's blogs and doing something that is bad, bad, BAD...I've been comparing myself with others. And the thoughts that go through my mind are like these:

"I'll never be as good as she is."
"I wish I could do what she's doing."
"How come they have more comments than me?"

Um, hello Christina...that's called COMPARING yourself with someone else!! Hello, earth to Christina!

I know that I've said this stuff over and over and over and over again like a broken record, but we (I, me, and myself) has to let it sink in that I am not "they" and "they" are not me. I have my own style, my own way of creating, etc., etc.

One of my favorite sayings (that I made up...haha) is, "Be yourself! That's the best person you can be!" And it's SOOO true!

I love looking at other people's blogs. I love looking at what they have created. I love seeing each individual being themselves. I love the simple creations, I love the complex creations. I love them all. It makes me feel all comfy and cozy inside knowing that people are being true to their style, no matter what style they have. I like being challenged by what I see. Like I'll see something I really like and it will inspire me. But I am on the wrong path when I start to think I'm not good enough because I'm not like the next person. Being ME is good enough. I don't need to be more or less.

So I need to snap out of the comparisons and be ME!

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kat said...

And you my sweet are Awesome! So is your art...that's right ART! We are constantly evolving, revolving and what you are judging today will be long gone by tomorrow:)