Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank you

This was another page inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner. I think I'm drawn to the colors she uses on her pages. There is always yellow, pink, turquoise, and other yummy colors. The page that inspired me is found on page 99 of the May 2009 Creating Keepsakes magazine.

There's journaling on this page, but it was too personal to share on the web.

This page was actually a bit frustrating. I realize that I'm not the greatest sewer/seamstress (whatever they are called) in the world, but want to see a girl get frustrated? Just come over and watch me sew! Hahaha! The fabric was bunching up on me and it wasn't looking pretty. So I had to change things up a bit and use more paper to sew than fabric.

Speaking of which...I saw this idea for a wall hanging quilt that I'm tempted to make that I found in a Creating Keepsakes magazine. It wasn't the topic of the article or the picture that I saw, but I noticed it. Ha! It's one of those quilts that doesn't look perfect. It's rather sloppy looking (ok, not 'sloppy', but like the pieces aren't 'perfect'--you know what I mean?) Maybe I will talk more on that later...

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