Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Page 2

I thought I would do some traditional scrapbooking today. I've been meaning to. I know for some people when the sun comes out they want to go outside and play in a garden or something...but when the sun comes out I like to create (plus I have no interest in gardening). Sure I spend time outside...and I have plans for that today, too! But in the meantime, this is what I did...

This page was inspired by a page Elizabeth Kartchner created. It's in an older Creating Keepsakes magazine (2008) and I'm way too lazy to go look it up right now. My page doesn't look anything like it, except for the blue and the 'makes me happy'. The orange letters are from Yellow Bicycle, and I believe they are supposed to be 'Halloween', but they don't look like Halloween letters except that they are orange.

Oops...I was going to post another page here, but the wrong pics came up and I already did all of that journaling above, so I'll just post it above.

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