Tuesday, May 19, 2009

About Memories & More

Quent is taking a training class in Flagstaff, Arizona, so I came along and we are making it a vacation. Whoohoo! Yesterday was the first day of his class. Before his class started he dropped me off at a scrapbook store. I was there for almost 6 hours making cards, shopping, and chatting with the store owners. It was a lot of fun!

(Click on the picture to check out the store's blog)

Being that I am from Southeast Alaska, we don't see 'real' storms (with thunder and lightning), so I was pretty excited when I heard thunder when I was making a card in the store. I didn't have the greatest camera lens with me for pictures of the clouds, but this is a glimpse of what I saw.

I made cards with what I purchased. It's kinda fun having limited products to work with because then it's a challenge. I worked in their back room where they do their classes and crops. They said I was welcome to use their die-cut machine, punches, scissors, etc. They were so sweet!! I think I made 6 cards. Most of them aren't completely finished since I figured I would add the sentiments when I get back home. It was just fun to create!

This one needs some glitter! Haha!

I think it's so neat that a total stranger (who loves creating) can walk into a scrapbook store, ask if they can play there for awhile, and feel right at home. It was really neat! So if you are ever in Flagstaff and you need a place to relax and create, About Memories & More is your place!
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Ashley C. Newell said...

How fun! I find that most scrap stores are very welcoming. We are our own community. Even with limited supplies, you made some cute cards! That giraffe is cute!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments!

Jessica said...

That's so great you were able to make some cards while out on your vacation! Sounds like you're having a great relaxing time! I miss you girl! I love the giraffe card, soo cute!
Yes, Glitter would complete it!