Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dalton Hwy

Here's another digital page I started a few days ago. I finished it last night. I want to add more to the page, but I think I'll do that after I have it printed. I love taking the beautiful photos from our trip and enlarging them on the pages. Most of the pictures from our trip were taken by my husband, Quent. He's an amazing photographer!

I never did get around to creating any traditional scrapbook pages yesterday. I feel like I'm in this weird phase with scrapbooking right now. Maybe it's the beautiful weather! I attempted a page this morning from our Arizona trip, but it's just not making the cut. It doesn't look like a page *I* would create on my own. I saw this idea in the June Creating Keepsakes magazine that I wanted to "imi-make" (like 'imitate'), but as I was working on it, I kept on thinking that it wasn't really my style. So I think I'm going to delete it and just glean the things I can contribute to my own style. I'm learning...
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Winter said...

These pictures are amazing!! I thought those mountain were an overlay or something! WOW! The page is so pretty!

Winter said...

I just looked at Quents picture, really beautiful, but WOW it looks freezing!! I'm used to, HOT & HUMID weather here in Texas! :)