Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who do you create for?

Each morning I check Ali Edwards' blog and something she said really spoke to me today:

What thoughts about yourself as a creative person are holding you back right now? Are you dealing with those "I am not good enough/I am not creative enough" fear-filled voices in your own mind? How do you answer that? Who do you create for? Why do you love the process of creativity and what do you love most about it?

Now is the time to let those fears go and shed those layers that are holding you back from embracing your own creative energy. It is time to celebrate your own unique self rather than continuing to feel the pressures of being something or someone you are not.

*clapping* Amen!

My favorite parts are in bold.

As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator I sometimes feel the pressure to create for others. I used to buy all of these stamps sets and use colors that I didn't really enjoy because I felt that I had to display these things and show a good variety. But after awhile I realized that I cannot do that. I have to stick with my own, true style. So I use only the colors I enjoy (every once in awhile I break out of that 'box') and I only buy stamp sets that I enjoy. The new catalog came the other day and with it also came the pressure that I should buy certain products. Where did that come from? My customers aren't surprised anymore when they see yellow, brown, kraft, turquoise, and the other colors I like to use (over and over again). They might see the same stamp set at every single workshop that I do. What's important is that I'm sharing what I love: the colors I love, the stamps I love. And then they go home and use the colors they love. I love it!

The rest of Ali's article talks about simplifying our scrapbook/card-making stash. I love her simple style. It's so refreshing to me!

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