Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Cards

I painted the bathroom today and treated myself to card-making afterwards. I deserved it, right? When I first arrived in the loft I thought I should start working on a workshop project. Sometimes I feel like the only time I stamp is when I'm planning projects. I made myself lay aside all of that and to just stamp for the sake of stamping. It's almost like I have to give myself permission to stamp. It's weird! Does anyone else go through that?

I really like this stamp set called On a Pedestal from SU. It's a new stamp set. I don't normally get these kinds of stamps, but I thought it would be perfect for birthday cards. I have a lot of flower stamps, so I'm challenging myself to break out of the flower box...haha...and try something different. But that something different still needs to be something I like, and something that will fit my style.

I could visualize the cupcakes I wanted to make. I love when that happens! They look more like gumdrops. Actually, when I was making this card I thought a lot about my sisters, Amanda and Katie, and my brother Jacob. It brought back memories of playing Candyland with them. I sure do miss them!
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Winter said...

Very cute! I love all the sparkle! My kids played Candy land about a monthe ago, I sure loved that game when I was a kid! :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Those are so cute!! I love the flourishes on the first one. I never played Candyland. I have two older brothers and we just fought or played football outside with the neighbors! :-)