Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd

Wrangell has an awesome July 4th celebration! So much has happened already and it's not even the day of the 4th! An event that happened today was the scrapfish derby. And since my blog is about 'scrapping' I thought it would be fun to include some 'scrap'fish derby pictures. Haha! Ok, maybe that's pushing it too far...

This was my first time at the event. There were all of these kids on the dock fishing...without fishing poles. They used these sticks with rope tied to them with a hook on the end. I don't know the name for the contraption. There were a lot of kids and adults out for the event since it was such a beautiful day! I hope tomorrow is beautiful, too!

Here is the crowd waiting to see if their name is called to win a derby prize. It's not very often we see large crowds like this in Wrangell. There are SO many people who come for the 4th.

We were driving around the harbor/docks and I saw this boat. They misspelled my name! Ha!

Happy Independence Day! As a friend of ours once said, "Happy freedom from the British!" It makes me laugh when I think about that.
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