Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving Details

I've talked about moving, but I haven't really talked about about it. We are moving from Wrangell, Alaska to Ketchikan, Alaska, which is about 90 miles south. From one island to another, but the population in Ketchikan is 7x the size of Wrangell (14,000), with a Wal-Mart, McD's, 24-hour grocery store included. Ketchikan is where all of the Alaskan cruise ships stop. During the summer tourist months the city can have 1 to 7 cruise ships a day!

We are excited, but to be honest, it's sad too. We've met so many wonderful people in Wrangell. It's one of those communities where you know what car everyone drives and when you are driving around everyone waves (although I'm not really fond of the waving part yet--ha!). It's an amazing community and we have been so blessed to call it our home the last 4-1/2 years.

Yesterday I called the phone company to let them know we were moving and I was getting teary-eyed, so yeah, I'm a bit emotional at times. But we are excited for our next adventure!

And I have to say this, I wouldn't trade all of the Wal-marts, McD's, and 24-hour grocery stores for the amazing friends here in Wrangell. I love you all so much! (((HUGS)))

I did a post about Ketchikan here and here never knowing that someday it would be our home.

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