Thursday, July 23, 2009

Question for my blog readers

If you were moving and you had to pick some of your stamping supplies to bring with you for possibly 4 months, what would you most definitely pick?

I don't want to bring everything, but I want to bring some things. Ahhh!


Ashley Cannon Newell said...

Hmmm this IS hard! What I would do is determine how large of box/bag to bring, then fill it with stuff including: trimmer, cardstock, some patterned paper (like a mat stack pack), adhesive, trimmer, scor-pal, favorite sentiment stamps, background stamps, overall favorite stamps, scissors, pop dots, baby wipes, RIBBON, and a variety of buttons. OK my list is getting long!

Katrina said...

I know my list would be different (our styles)But no girl can live without tools and perhaps your fav things for embellishing your digi pages. What about things you would need for the last few parties? Christmas cards?

Winter said...

If you have a certain project that I was going to do, I would get all the supplies for that project! :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

That is a hard questions Christina!! I would want to bring it all. I guess I would just bring the stuff that I was into at that moment. Of course, for me that changes almost daily! I think right now it would be some of my fav. stamp sets... all of my cardstock and inks. Letter stickers/thickers and some of my fav. ribbon (even thought I dont use it a ton). Oh... and definetly some patterned papers. I agree with the holiday stuff that someone said. Whatever you need to make holiday cards, etc!! :) Is that too much? ha...

renee said...

I would bring stamp sets that go with every occasion and have great sentiments.

You could use those supplies to send cards to people back home.

but definately:
Favorite adhesive
Favorite pens