Sunday, August 2, 2009

Christmas in July

It cooled off nicely overnight. We put a box fan in the window and got the apartment down to 64 degrees. Whoohoo! Now I have a fleece blanket around me. Love it! I'm an Alaskan girl all right! Speaking of cold, this is a project we made at my last workshop. It was my Christmas in July project. I saw the idea of cutting out the Top Note die from SU and the swirl Cuttlebug folder on acrylic in a CARDS magazine. For the workshop we used the thick window sheets that SU sells. This could be used as an ornament, or maybe even a card. The possibilities are endless, right?

Here are a few views of what was made.

See all of that glitter goodness?

This is the view out our livingroom window this morning. There are 2 cruise ships here so far this morning. At 8:00 am I heard a bus drive by giving a tour. And I've also heard the clippity-clack of horses pulling a tour around. It's another beautiful day here in southeast! I better soak up the sun while it is out because Ketchikan gets about 12-13 feet of precipitation a year. Yes, FEET! It's definitely a rain forest!

Last night we went out to eat to a restaurant called Shogun. It has Chinese and Japanese food. We got Schezuan (sp?) chicken and it was SPICY! Whew! Quent's face was sweating. Ha! We walked around town and looked like tourists. It's easy to hide in the crowds here.

I have a lot more pictures to share. I took a bunch of pictures of cards I made before we moved. It's the last of my loft photos. Speaking of the loft, I miss it already. Before we left the other night I went up to the empty space and just stood there soaking up the last glimpse of it. I didn't cry, but I did cry when I was up there a few nights before that. It was such a wonderful place with a beautiful view. I miss it.

Happy Sunday!
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Jessica said...

Ohh, I LOVE, LOVE this!!! It's SOOO pretty!! It would be neat to make little ones of like circles and scallop punches with the dry embossed designs on them. They would be such cute ornaments! Ketchikan looks like a cute town!

fromafarr said...

LOVING the card, LOVING it! I may have to make a few of those...hmmm? Welcome to your new home!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Oh Christina... I am so sorry you had to leave your loft. I am sure I would be upset too! I am frowning for you right now! :( See..

Love love love your Christmas creation. Just gorgeous!!

Winter said...

Oh, how pretty! I love the colors too! I hope your new craft area is even better! :)

Debi said...

That may be us in a few weeks!! (Or maybe NEXT summer if we can ever decide on a date!)