Thursday, August 13, 2009


This is a digital page I created yesterday. The page came together quickly (while watching Everybody Loves Raymond), which is amazing compared to how long it's been taking me lately. I guess I found my groove again! I remember packing that pink shirt on purpose so I would have something fun to scrapbook later. (Is that like a sickness or something? Ha!)

Background paper: After 5 Designs
Frame: House of 3
"Love" sticker: Jessica Sprague
White swirl stamp: Designer Digitals
Pink Ribbon, pink flourish w/rhinestones: Jen Wilson Designs
Font: Adorable

I'm not sure why I listed what I used...but it sounded like fun this morning.

For those who digital scrap: Have you ever used the 'Replace Color' function under Adjustments? I used that to change the color on the V in 'love'. It's a really fun feature! I was super excited when I learned that one! Also, see the ribbon? That's actually two layers of ribbon with one of the layers erased a bit. I love Photoshop!

I'm up early and ready for a SU package that should be delivered this morning...
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Jessica said...

This is a really pretty page! I have not digi scrapped in SOO long. I don't know what my problem is, I just haven't felt the groove to do it, I really want to though, and I see all these pretty ideas. I guess I need to push aside that feeling of "it's not going to be good enough". Ha!

Ashley Cannon Newell said...

This is really nice, Christina! Love the chosen color palette!

Kelley Eubanks said...

I love it too Christina! This is awesome!

Loretta said... are so creative! Love this page! I am hoping to just organize some of the elements I have downloaded on my computer. That should take a while...LoL. Love you.

Courtney Baker said...

Great layout! The composition is really nice.

I remembered when I learned to change the color of my elements. Saves a ton of money!

Winter said...

So pretty! I think the pink shirt was a great idea, because the layout is great! :)