Monday, September 28, 2009

Borrowed Camp

Happy Monday!

I'm here with another digital scrapbook page. I worked on these pictures the other day and I had actually deleted the page in Picasa because it wasn't working for me, but I hadn't deleted it in Photoshop. So I saved the file in Photoshop and decided to come back to it later. I'm glad I did! Originally the small 6 pictures were colored, but it was clashing with the rest of the page. I love the turquoise, white, and orange together!! The butterflies don't really go with the rest of the page, but I think they look cute and it really ties everything together. It's all about balance, right?

Did you know that our eyes look from left to right? That probably makes sense when it comes to reading a book, right? So when we look at something (like a scrapbook layout) we are looking from the top left and our eyes circle around the rest of the page.

Paper: Kit for Kate by Crystal Wilkerson
Clock brush: Sugar Plum set from Little Dreamer
Butterfly: Custom shapes
Rhinestone: Style through Photoshop, enhanced by me
Fonts: Amerika, Kayleigh, Chaparral Pro

This is the page I talked about in a previous post. I combined some of the things from both pages to create one. I'm still undecided on what size I'll make the pages for this particular album. I'm planning on having the pages printed in a Shutterfly book, so I can't really have two different kind of sizes. That's fun to do though!
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Courtney Baker said...

Oh yea, that does make you have to decide early on. My shutterfly book I did is actually 8x8 it's a fun size to have on the coffee table.

Also, love the new page!