Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love Fall

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the fall season as much as I am. It's been SOOOO beautiful here the last few days! I'm pinching myself because it's been so unbelievably nice! See that blue sky in that picture below? WOW! I had to add clouds to the page because they were missing from the picture (*wink*). Ok, enough about the weather...

This is a page I have been working on and working on. Every few weeks I go through creative blocks. I was definitely dealing with that yesterday when I was working on this page. I started out using a whole different background paper. It was really pretty paper, but it was really, really busy. So this morning I transferred some things to a new document and started over. And I deleted the older page because it just wasn't working. I love the delete key! This is a page using my own designs, plus some from Little Dreamer.

This is part of the page I created for Day 2 of the Week in the Life project.
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Kelley Eubanks said...

Great pages as always Christina!!