Monday, October 12, 2009

Week in the Life

Hello! I've been absent. Let's just say I've been re-evaluating some things. Maybe I'll talk more about that later.

This week I am doing the Week in the Life project. This project was originally started by Ali Edwards. All of the details for it are here. The first time I did this project was last year and I really enjoyed it. I'm a detail person, so I just love picking up all of the details in the photographs to show on these pages later. One of the reasons I love this project is because it's about every day life. Isn't that what life is made up of? The details? The little every day things? Sure is! I would love to do this project every year and look back and see how things have changed. I want my children to look through our scrapbooks and see what Dad and Mom did 'back in the day'. That will be so much fun!

Here I have included part of a page I created tonight using some of the pictures we took today.

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Kelley Eubanks said...

So cute Christina!! I love this page!! BTW... saw my parents pics of where you live... wow... gorgeous!!

Winter said...

So cute! I love the circles! :)

Katrina said...

It is good to see October sunshine on happy faces! God bless in all you do!