Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where is the bridge?

Good morning! I thought I would share another layout from our southwestern vacation we took in the spring. I have used some of my own designs on this page. The picture orginally had a lot of dark greens in it, so I changed the photo to sephia (?) so it would work better. Me and colors! Ha!

I'm heading to a hair appointment this morning to get my hair highlighted and layers trimmed. It needs it desparately! The lady I first went to after we moved to Ketchikan recently moved to Washington. I found that out when I called to make an appointment. I'm so bummed because I really liked her! *frown* It's not often that you find someone who respects your wishes by showing you all on her own how much she actually trimmed in her fingers before proceeding to cut more. So I'm hoping I like the new lady. I've had a few scary stylists in my life, so I'm always hesitant. Ha!

When your cat sits RIGHT in front of the keyboard/screen, I think it means that he wants attention. *cough* I better get to that! Have a great day!

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Winter said...

Oh, I love the colors with the picture! Great page! :)