Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hey everyone! Sorry that I skipped out on blogging yesterday. Maybe I'll post twice today just to make up for it.

This is a page I created this afternoon using all of my own designs except for the VP Portable Remington font and the Luv Song alpha that spells 'woods'. And Quent gets credit for the pictures! I'm having SOOO much fun creating my own designs. One day I'll put some of them together and make a kit...but that might be awhile from now. (Yes, that's silly me in that bottom right picture...hee!)
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Anna said...

I cannot wait until you create your first kit! Your tree in Monday's post was so awesome! I love the paper and clouds and tree stump and flowers - I love it all!!!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Great job Christina... you are awesome. Love the pic with the glasses on the back of your head!! Too funny!

Loretta said...

How funny is that it!! Your designs are wonderful...this is a great page. You go girl!

Jessica said...

Hmm, thought I already left a comment on this... I really like this page, your clouds and elements are so cute! Fun stuff!