Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Arizona/Utah Photobook

Yeehaw! It's finished!!! I JUST sent in my order with Shutterfly. Doing it this route instead of what I have done in the past with getting each page printed individually and buying and album for the pages, I saved $110.81!!! This is not a joke! Ha! And I saved just under $20 with the Shuttefly sale! Awesome!!

These two layouts were a struggle. Whew! Maybe my brain was tired of coming up with ideas (the pressure was on!), or maybe it was just the photos, but I think I redid these layouts 3x each. I think it was the pictures that I struggled the most with, especially with the 'going home' page. Yikes! But it all worked out and I am very pleased with the results!

I just love the colors on this page. Credits are here (I'll update this later).

This is the last layout in the book! Credits are here (I'll update this later).

The one thing I'm disappointed with is that I didn't do a lot of journaling for this project. I could kick myself. So with that lesson learned, I'm going to focus on journaling for our Montana vacation asap. It really makes a big difference for me to have the journaling done first. If I don't, then I'm just trying to fill in words. I don't want that because I want it to have meaning.

Here's the Photobook! Enjoy!
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Courtney Baker said...

These look awesome. You'll have to show us the finished product when it come in. Your pages are awesome!

Winter said...

Oh Christina, you are so talented! I LOVE the book! Can't wait to see when they come in! Oh, and I love the new blog header too, so pretty! :)