Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am an overlay addict! I tell you, I just can't leave things alone, whether it's pictures, paper, embellishments, etc. I love to distress, texturize, and make things grungy! So when I saw these new overlays by Leora Sanford that will be available FRIDAY (that's tomorrow!) I was pretty much squealing!! These overlays are called Sun Flare and Bokeh Overlays. As soon as I have the link I will link ya'll to this amazing product.

Just as a little teaser I thought I would show a before and after of a photo. This is a picture Quent took of us at Lake Louise. It's an amazing photo all in itself, but the poor photo has to be manipulated by me! Bwhahahaha! Cough.

(Quent, thank you for letting me 'borrow' your awesome photo!)

And this is after. I love yellows! I love the sun flares!

And what's really great about these set of overlays is that Leora has included instructions and tips on how to make these overlays work for you. This is all new to me, so I found the instructions very helpful!
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Winter said...

How neat! I love the effects! :)