Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've slowly been working through our 2009 photos. There are two big projects I see in the plans for some of the pictures we have. One is for our Montana trip and the other is a surprise, so I cannot say. So I've skipped over those two groupings of pictures for the most part because I'm just not mentally ready for that...yet! Ha!

These are some pictures that I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to scrap. A few days ago CD Muckosky put this cute kit into her shop at Little Dreamer. You know I'm such a big fan of CD's work. I saw this kit a few weeks ago, but it wasn't offered at that time. It had been a special kit she created for Oscraps (I think that was the place?). I asked her if she would be putting that into her Little Dreamer store, and when I saw it I jumped on it right away. She's so inspiring!


Quent will probably be thinking this when he sees this page: "Oh no! She's green!" LOL! I did a page with some crazy overlaying years ago and it still gets under his skin. It is kinda scary looking!! It's fun to do that every once in awhile though, right? I like to blend photos. I want photos to be a central focus. Believe me, I contemplated leaving out that greenish face, but I just like it too much. Ha!

I better get to some blog scheduling!
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Debi said...

Hey you! Tell Quent at least you're not "Wicked Witch of the West" green. Now that WOULD be scary. ;>

travelingmama said...

What a beautiful page! Not scary at all! Hugs!