Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pity Party

So it's December 2nd. It doesn't feel like all. We found out yesterday that our closing date won't be this Friday (did I say before that it's a long story?), so now it's for next Friday, December 11th. I have to admit that I'm kinda bummed because there are no festive holiday decorations to put up. I saw a picture on someone's blog today of a button tree. I made one last year and the picture made me really miss being able to decorate. It's kinda cool because I can tell I've changed because for years I didn't like decorating for Christmas. In my 'all or nothing' thinking I thought it was pointless to keep decorations boxed up for something that is used one time of the year. I had some other issues with it, too. But two years ago, and especially last year, I really started to enjoy it. I love making homemade decorations! Quent was teasing me today that we could get a tree in February and decorate it then. Very funny, Quent! But no matter what, we'll be in our house soon. We are visiting family in Anchorage for Christmas, so that makes all of this bearable (sp?)! Ha! I'm just having a non-decorating pity party. I would LOVE to see what you have been doing for decorating your house for Christmas! Please link me!!

P.S. That's a page I created last year.
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Winter said...

So sorry! It is hard to hear sometimes, but God's timing is always right! So maybe next Friday is the day He chose! So just start making some homemaid decorations now! ;)

listgirl said...

HI Christina! Can you show me where you saw the button tree? I've been trying to find photos of them online so I can make one this year! Thanks!