Friday, December 18, 2009


Here's another page I created on an unpacking break. About 90% of our stuff is unpacked. It feels good! And below is the long-winded post I was talking about yesterday. Happy Friday!

Written on December 16, 2009: So I’m taking a break from unpacking my crafting stuff. So many thoughts are entering and exiting my mind. I thought it would be good to just sit down and start typing. I can’t blog this (yet) since we don’t have our internet hooked up (yet), but I can always save this, copy, and paste it into Blogger (later). I’m looking at all of this craft stuff (stamps, paper, buttons, etc) and I’m wondering what lays in its future. Being a SU demonstrator, I have accumulated a lot of ‘schtuff’ over the years. I have drawers and drawers of scrap paper alone that are leftovers from demonstrations. I have lots of stamps that I have to admit I didn’t really even miss. Ok, maybe some of them. Ha! As I’m unpacking this stuff, everything seems so foreign to me. Not just because I haven’t seen it in 4.5 months, but more because I haven’t stamped or paper-crafted in almost two. That’s not normal for me. But I don’t even know what is normalcy anymore.

Yesterday I was looking through the January 2010 Creating Keepsakes and I was jotting down ideas and sketching out plans for things I want to design for digital scrapbooking products. My passion is definitely in the digital realm of creating. And I kept on thinking of things that I have, like acrylic paint, will come in handy for creating some of the digital stuff.

The room all of this crafting stuff occupies, along with the computer desk and computer, is now referred as “The Office”. When we first started planning on what furniture would go where in the house, the computer was originally going to go downstairs, but it’s basically like a walk-out basement. It’s dark. I knew that it would inhibit creativity. After moving to Ketchikan and basically walking away from the paper scrapping and diving more into digital, it was a good idea to have the computer in a brighter area. And living in an area on the island that gets up to 15 FEET of precipitation annually, I think the brighter the creativity space, the better. This room is 8 x 11 feet (I’ll have to remember to take a picture). It’s not super big, but everything seems to be fitting very cozily in here. And there’s a closet! Thank God for a closet that can be stuffed with stuff!So what’s the future for paper crafting in my life? Sometimes I get these crazy ideas to just sell all of it. But I know I cannot be impulsive. Maybe I’ll hold onto it for a few months and see if I even use any of it. Maybe I should keep a written record of the things I DO use and then after some time get rid of what I haven’t been using? All I know is that before leaving Wrangell I never thought I would be having these kinds of thoughts while unpacking. I talked before about how it broke my heart to leave my beloved loft. It was a little creating, crafting sanctuary. But I’m ready for this new adventure. The adventure has already begun. Maybe it started when I accidently knocked over some of the paper scrap drawers onto the floor and then had to clean all of it up?


Shanlee said...

Merry Christmas Christina & Quent. I love the Revelations page. :) Very well said. I hope all is well & glad u are putting your office together. It must feel like christmas going through all your stuff. All is well here in Wrangell. God bless!

Kelley Eubanks said...

hey girl... your last two pages are AWESOME ... of course!! So glad that you guys found a house and are in and unpacking... Sweet!! Happy early Birthday! I will have to write that down and remember that next year! :) I have already given that heart card away but I will remember next year that you liked it... ha!! :) Glad to hear you are doing good! I think you should donate all of your stuff to the Kelley Eubanks Foundation! :) Kidding!! But let me know if you do sell it!! ha.. Love ya girl!

Winter said...

You will be amazing at whatever you do! I always thought your digital stuff was great, so good luck with all of that in the future! And what a beautiful page, that picture is so pretty! I'll buy supplies, if you are selling, but no pressure! :)