Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Calendar [May-August]

Thank you all for your comments about the decision I made the other day! I feel so blessed to have such amazing blog-friends! Thank you!

I thought it would be good to continue sharing the calendar pages I started posting about a few days ago.

There were two months that I need more pictures for. So I decided to include other parts of the family in the calendar. This is a page of my brother, his wife Jessica, and my nephews Isaac and Samuel. I LOVE this page! Matthew and Jessica, thank you for the pics!
The brushes I used on this page (for May) are these.

This was one of my favorite pages. The first draft looked completely different than this, especially color-wise. There were a lot of bright colors in the pictures, which I love, but I was having a hard time with the combinations of the colors. So I changed most of the pictures to sephia tone and then used a special action for the bottom left picture. This is probably my second or third favorite page of the calendar, December being the first.
The brushes I used for June are these.

This is one of those pages that I changed a lot. I still see things I'd like to change...but it's staying just the way it is! Ha!

The challenge I had with this page was that I wanted to use all four pictures, but I wanted the bottom picture to be large. I like what I came up with. And it was fun challenging myself with using purple!

If you have any questions about any of the elements I used on the pages, please feel free to ask since I'm not giving the list of products I used. Some of them are my own designs, too!
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Jessica said...

I love all of these! Of course I already saw the one you did with us, I really like it! I love them all! What are the flourish brushes you used for the May and June pages?