Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Eve & PRIZE

Happy Saturday to you! It's raining here right now and it's breezy. Tomorrow's forecast calls for some pretty strong winds. Sounds like a good weekend to sit inside and scrap! This morning I wanted to share a few pages I recently created with some photos we took on Christmas Eve. I really like these pages! I used Little Dreamer's products for both layouts.

This was the silly page I was talking about the other day. The pictures are silly, but so is some of the journaling! I don't know what got into me! Ha! [I just realized that the last "silly" on the page is spelled with only one 'l'. Oops! I'm editing it on my copy, but I won't update it here]


Remember Callie? We saw her on Christmas Eve at the Claus family's home! Yes...Mrs. Claus was there! Seriously! Have you ever seen the show that was on a few years ago called The Alaska Experiment? One of the bush pilots is Paul Claus. He is Callie's uncle. Quent's brother is a friend of the family, so that's why we spent Christmas Eve at their home. It was one of the best turkey dinners I've ever had!
On another note, I just want to say how much I enjoy Little Dreamer and their amazing designers! And there are more designers to come! When I was on the 2Peas Digital Creative Team, I felt like a lot of time and energy was spent creating layouts for them because of the deadlines and "rules". I felt like I wasn't able to concentrate on creating for Little Dreamer. I love Little Dreamer's products! A lot! And because I just love them so much and I'm so thankful for my amazing blog readers, I wanted to offer a little gift/prize!

So here's the deal. If you leave a comment for this post about a goal you have this year (or maybe even share about your "little word for 2010") I will put your name in a drawing for a $10.00 Little Dreamer gift certificate!!! And if you aren't a digital scrapbooker or a scrapbooker at all, you can still use their products to print and use for cards or whatever you would like to create! I will give you until Friday, January 15th to leave me a comment. I will announce the winner on Saturday, January 16th! I can't wait!
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Courtney Baker said...

Woo hoo! So fun. I've always liked their products too.

Can I just say I love that first layout. I love silly pictures like that, and you look so so pretty!

Gabi said...

I saw your page at LDD and thought I will stop by and say hi :) LOVE your silly photos page, Christina. The colors are amazing! Love your composition, so fun. I might to lift it sometime.
Hope you are having a wonderful time!

Joy said...

Love your layouts! :) My goal is to get more sleep!!! With my three little guys, the evening after bedtime is really my only scraptime, so I end up staying up much later than I intend to sometimes. So I will be trying to get to bed earlier. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Winter said...

Too cute! I love the first page! I take those same photos and I feel so silly, but I think it really catures who I am sometimes! I think I will take more pics like that and not delete them and make a page! Thanks for the inspiration! I get that alot when I come here! :)My goal this year is to scrap more! I haven't yet, but after the card drive and vacation, I plan on making one! :)

Anna said...

You create the best layouts- I look forward to your posts especially now that you are being true to yourself and your style!!!

My word of the year is MOVE! Hoping to move forward in many areas of my life!

Loretta said...

I absolutely LOVE this silly page. It is so cute!

I think my word for this year has to be "simplify". I need to de-clutter my home. And I need to de-clutter my mind and get back to what is really important.

Jamie R. said...

My word for this year is "contentment". When I look for a way to be content with whatever is going on in life the days are so much easier. It's that sense that I have enough and I am enough. It's trusting that life provides what I need when I need it. So instead of wishing things were easier, better or different I end up feeling satisfied and grateful. It allows me to be fully present in each moment.
Lots of love.

naomi chokr said...

im new to your blog and i love it!!! love your work! ill so be back

fromafarr said...

I don't really have a 'word' so to speak for this year, but the Lord has been showing me to keep my priorities straight! To not be so busy that I push aside the gifts HE has given.

Jessica said...

Okay, I wasn't going to put anything because I didn't know if it would be fair, since I'm family! Haha! I know it's just a random draw though!
I have not picked my word for this year... I have been thinking on it, pondering and even praying since December on what I feel my word should be and nothing has STUCK with me. I've thought of a few, but they really don't exactly touch on all the aspects of what I want to change or be mindful of this year (and always). Anyway, there are so many areas I want to improve and grow. And with my word from last which was "grow". I feel I didn't fulfill that like I should have. And at the end of the year as I reflected on things, I really didn't feel like I had grown in many of the aspects I would have liked to. However, after some thinking it through, I realized there were areas where I grew or more like experienced, but not what I expected. So it showed me that God grows us and teaches in areas that we don't always think or expect exactly what WE feel we thought we needed! But God sees the areas that help to improve us and show us to move to the next step! Anyway, whew!! I hope I'm making sense here!

So this year, I really want to concentrate on giving more time for studying God's word, spending time in HIM, making my time with my children of value and not get upset and irritated with them quickly, love and cherish each and every moment with them (it's not that I don't, but I feel I could be better at this). To watch them learn and grow, and most importantly, I want to teach them God's truth and set a Godly example as a mother more. Also, I want to discipline myself to be on a better schedule to manage my time in the day better, to be more punctual and not be lazy! WHEWWW, that was a mouth full!!! Sorry!! Thanks for doing this Christina! You're always so inspiring!

Kelley Eubanks said...

I love both of these but especially the first one! You are so pretty and I love all of those silly pics!! So cute! I made some of those and had the best time... I didn't scrap mine (yet) but... it was so much fun to do! You can tell you were having fun with it!