Thursday, January 21, 2010

UR Loved

This was one of those layouts that brought tears to my eyes. It's a page about baby Christina...ME! Ha! When I saw this template at Designer Digitals for 99-cents (I'm not sure if it was a Thursday sale or what?), I just had to have it. There was just something about it that touched my heart and I have future plans for it. I wanted to use "soft" pictures it, so I thought about childhood pictures. I think these fit the page perfectly.

My mom might want to shake me when she sees that I put these pictures of her on my blog, but if it makes her feel any better, I don't look so cute myself in these pictures. What is that about babies, anyway? My nose was pushed to the side because of the birth. I noticed it in the top picture and it made me chuckle because I had never noticed that before, but my mom always reminds me of it when she talks about when I was born. Speaking of which, last year for my birthday my mom gave me a letter where she talked about when I was born. She talked about the before, during, and after. It was such a sweet letter! My grandma gave my mom a letter about when my mom was born, too. I think it's such a precious thing to do.
I had to call my mom tonight to ask her how much I weighed when I was born and all of that. She could remember the time, how much I weighed, but she didn't remember how long I was. So I emailed my dad asking if he remembers. So for now I left that part blank.
Also, I used Michelle Underwood's Sunday Kind of Love kit for this page, along with some goodies from Designer Digitals:
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Jessica said...

Such a sweet layout. Everytime Matthew and I are looking through those pictures, Matthew's always saying "look how young my mom and dad are!!" And "how SKINNY my dad is!" He just thinks it's crazy how young they looked.. of course they were young! duhh! Haha!

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite that skinny again, but I ahve alot closer than I was. I seem to remember you being 21 inches long.