Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm not sure what the title for this page will be, nor do I have the proper journaling for it yet, but I wanted to share it anyway. This was one of those pages that came together really fast, or at least in the beginning. My struggle was what kind of background paper to use. Since I wanted to use all of my own designs to create this page, I wanted to make my own paper, too. I realize that when it comes to backgrounds I like having neutral colors. I want the pictures to pop off the page as much as possible. My biggest challenge with designing scrapbook product has been the paper. That surprises me because I thought it would be the easy part. I want to create designs that *I* would use. I love funky, bright, and busy patterned papers, but I only like them in small dosages if I can help it. It depends on what kind of layout I am doing.

Thank you all for your sweet comments! I smile while reading each and every one of them! I'm glad you like my designs and I'm so thankful you are cheering me on. Your support is very much appreciated!

And soon...I will share some exciting news with you! Have a happy Tuesday! Stay true to your style!
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Jennifer said...

agreed. definitely stay true to you and your style!! Love this layout...can't wait to hear the news :D

KAREN said...

Ohh can't wait to hear your news! And love the neutral layout too. Thanks so much for your help with the sizes for my blog banner! I finally got it designed and would be delighted if you stopped by. http://thebalddragonfly.blogspot.com/
If you keep creating beautiful things like this, I'm really going to go into digital scrapbooking I'm sure!

Loretta said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! Love this layout!! So simple and so fun. I just love Quent's spirit of fun!!! I can hardly wait for the news.

Kelley Eubanks said...

Gorgeous! Just like you!

Winter said...

I LOVE the soft colors! So pretty! :)