Friday, February 26, 2010

Embrace Life.

Now, don't faint...but I stamped!! I actually stamped! It's been 4 months since I've made a non-digital card. Wowee!

I've been eyeing this flower stamp for a couple of days.

So if I was interviewed by some of my past stamping club members, they might ask me these questions:

Q: Did it feel weird to stamp after 4 months?
A: Yes!

Q: Did you remember where you put all of your supplies after unpacking them?
A: No, it was hilarious because I didn't know where some things were. I definitely need to get aquainted.

Q: Do you still have a glitter obsession?
A: Yes! Of course!

Q: Did one of your kitties "help" you while making this card?
A: Yes, actually Tigger was visiting me. He jumped from the table to the closet and then from the closet to the table onto my paper cutter. Stuff went flying as well as Tig. Surprisingly he didn't even get a big tail after all of that.

Q: Do you think you'll stamp more in the early future?
A: I hope so! We'll see!

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Winter said...

I'm so pround of you! I love this stamp, it's so pretty! :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Oh... very pretty!! Gorgeous.... looks as if you never quit!!

Loretta said...

Gorgeous!!!! Love this love that you still glitter and. Love you...miss you....come home soon and visit!!!!

Nettie said...

I just knew you could do it......

and if there was a chance I could make such a beautiful card.......I would stop stamping for four months too......well maybe it.....even love the glitter....