Monday, February 1, 2010

Templates by List Girl

I have been saving these layouts for a long time because I wanted to wait until Christine (List Girl Designs) opened her store at Little Dreamer! I'm so excited for her!! I was sad to see Tiffany Tillman leave Little Dreamer with her templates, but now I'm very excited that Christine will be selling her templates through the store. I really like her style! One thing I enjoy about using her templates is all of the pictures I can add to one page. There are many layers for each template.

For this layout I used pictures from Christmas Eve plus some fun Christmas paper.

I did some alterations to the template by combining some of the layers so I could fit bigger photos. I really like how this turned out! I like the simplicity of this layout.

We had a lot of pictures from this time we went on a walk, but I wasn't interested in scrapping 10 pages for it, so I really loved the option of putting all of the photos from our adventure onto one layout. I can't remember how many layers there are for this one, but I think it's like 42 or something close to that. It took me hours to complete this page because I had to pull pictures over from Picasa, crop and find the perfect spot. It was all worth it and it was very theraputic! And at the very end I decided to add journaling around the "L". It's very messy, crazy journaling, but I like it like that!
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Kelley Eubanks said...

Wow!! These are all AWESOME! I really need to start scrapbooking!

Loretta said...

Great the templates. But...your "take" on them is all you.

Jessica said...

My favorites are the first two. I'm thinking I might want to try her templates out! Very pretty!

Jeremy and Kate said...

I love the "L"! So creative and it is fantastic to look at!

Winter said...

I always feel like I have to scrap every picture, so I love the idea of the templates with so many pictures in it!