Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vacation Pages

Hello! This past week has been pretty busy. I've taken on some new responsibilities so I haven't been doing much on the computer. I've actually been enjoying that. I've been looking at what I do each day and asking myself what my priorities are. So I've been getting things in order and realizing that I don't want to spend as much time on the computer. I'm sure I'll have my creative moments that I'm on here, but for the most part I want to be disciplined even in this area. I want to get back to the basics. I want simplicity. And with that being said, here are some super simple pages.

I really like how the pictures are displayed in these layouts.

I find that sunset and sunrise pictures are hard to scrap, but I really like how this one turned out.

And the spreads below are some of my favorite pages I've made so far for this album. I love the rich and vibrant colors! And I just love how the pictures are the focal point. I've also been having fun with fonts and word play.

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Loretta said...

GREAT pages. I love what you have done here.

Priorities!!! I am struggling with that myself.

Gabi said...

The photos are stunning!! Love the pages, your album will look amazing!

Winter said...

You and Quient's pictures are AMAZING! I wish I lived closer to you, first, so I could meet you and second, so you could teach me a thing or two about my camera! :)