Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I posted pictures of the beanie I knitted a little while back. I also scrapped about it:


I created this page for a "white space" challenge at Little Dreamer. Either they never did the challenge or I'm not seeing it on the blog (or both). I'm not even sure if I understand what a white space is when it comes to scrapbooking, but this is what I created. Ha!

When I knitted the beanie (which I considered a hat then) I had intentions of giving it to my mom for her birthday in February. When it was completed and I tried it on (without even looking in the mirror nonetheless) I busted out with a laugh because it was so small. I brought it with me to Michigan and several kids, friends, family tried it on. It was up for grabs for any one of them, but no one kept it. I showed it to my mom, she tried it on, and lo and behold, she liked it and said she wanted it. Hilarious!

Quent took pictures of me wearing the sweater I knitted. I'll post that soon!
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listgirl said...

I'm excited to see your sweater! I've knitted scarves, hats, purses, throws, ponchos before, but never a sweater.

Winter said...

Cute layout! I love that beanie and the colors are great! :)