Monday, April 19, 2010


Hello! I'm back from my trip to Michigan. I had a wonderful time visiting family and friends. It was really hard to say goodbye. I hope to visit again before another year goes by. I took almost 1,000 pictures!! Digital scrappin' here I come!! I have a lot of photo editing in my future since most of the pictures were taken in camera raw. And maybe I will personally post something about photo editing when it's all said and done (instead of Quent). Quent took a trip himself while I was away and he took some awesome photos! I'm so amazed at his talent!
Before I left for my trip I searched at to find a headband pattern for my sister Amanda and I to knit while I was visiting MI. I wanted to teach her some new techniques. I found this pattern for a basketweave headband. We made the handbands together and they turned out super cute. It was really simple and didn't take us very long. We had fun knitting together and one day we walked down to the yarn shop and drooled over the yarn. While I was there I started a new project of knitting felted slippers. Amanda started knitting a shawl.

Here is my sister Katie modeling the headband I knitted:

Isn't she so cute?

I hope you are having a great April!
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Kelley Eubanks said...

So glad that you had a great trip and glad that you are back! Your sister is adorable and I LOVE the headband!

Winter said...

How cute! I love it! I bet it is neat to have a little sister, I am the youngest of four kids, so no younger siblings for me! :)