Friday, May 28, 2010

Felted Slippers

It is a gorgeous day!! The sun is shining and it's somewhere in the 70's! That's pretty awesome! May and June are typically our best and driest months in Southeast Alaska. So even though it's not cold enough to wear felted slippers, I wanted to post a picture of these today before I head outside. I started knitting these slippers when I was in Michigan. Amanda and I saw some ballet-type slippers at the yarn shop and so I asked for the pattern for the slippers. As always, I made some mistakes, but this time I would like to blame it on a sentence that seemed to be missing from the directions. I had to fill in the blanks when I started the second slipper. Since it was my first pair I didn't care about pulling out the first slipper. The first slipper is the right one in the photo. This was my first time felting anything. I bought a zippered pillow case and turned my washer to the sanitize cycle so the water would get really hot (since it wasn't getting hot enough on a different cycle). I set the timer and checked on the slippers every 5 minutes. I actually had to go through the process twice on different days because the slippers were still a little too big for me after the firs time. It was a great experience and I have some yarn to make a second pair. And these are really awesome for sliding around on our floors. I better be careful!

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