Monday, May 17, 2010

Knitted Purse/Bag


I finally finished the purse/bag I knitted yesterday. It's probably the softest purse I've ever had! The pattern can be found in Closely Knit: Handmade Gifts For the Ones You Love by Hannah Fettig. And of course there's a few of Christina's personal "touches" to the purse. Ha! The yarn for this purse is SUPER bulky. I used Blue Sky Bulky Naturals: 50% alpaca/50% wool. The colors I picked were Azalea and Brown Bear. The yarn is so bulky that when I held up the brown yarn to my hair it looked like dreadlocks! Why did I do that? I do not know! Ha! I did make some changes in the pattern for the pocket. When I was in Michigan I found a big pink button that perfectly matches. I used Velcro to keep the pocket closed, which was an interesting, adventurous endeavor. Have I ever mentioned how I'm not a seamstress? I feel totally clueless with some of the things I do, but somehow it all works out.

I have a few more completed projects to share with you this week; I can't wait to show you! I started a new project over the weekend that involves cable far so good! Cable knitting is really quite simple; it just looks complicated!

Don't forget about the Greener Grass Designs blog! I'm trying to keep both blogs updated at the same time, but I may have to revert back to this one for good. I've been posting some sneak peaks over there!
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Jessica said...

Love how your purse turned out!! It's very cute! I love the colors you used for it! Glad you're able to get some use out of that book! :)
I'm really liking your Greener Grass Designs! :)