Monday, June 21, 2010

Ipod "sock"

Hello! Long time, no blog! How are you doing? I hope you are doing well! I thought I would share a picture of a cute little knitting project I completed last ipod "sock". I just posted this project on The pattern came from here (it's a free Ravelry download, so you have to have an account through Ravelry first). It's free! (Both the pattern and account) I really like my new ipod nano! I mainly wanted it for when I run; it's so nice to have that motivation while running!

I haven't scrapped in probably a month now. I haven't been in the mood. I've been creative, but in other ways, like creating digital kits and knitting. I even made two cards today! I'm looking at one of them right now. Today I was thinking about stamping/card-making and I think what happened was that I got burned out on it. I LOVED being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, but after awhile it was mostly the amazing and wonderful women who came to my workshops that made it so completely awesome! They inspired me so much! I was just telling Quent how much I miss those ladies and how it was just so wonderful to spend time with them!! I can't wait to see some of them soon!! Anyway, so I was thinking about how now I'm finally getting back into card-making again, but this time it's without the pressure of trying to figure out what new techniques I can show my customers. It was always fun, but now this is like carefree fun! I'm getting really excited about seeing the new Stampin' Up! catalog, too!

Have a great rest of your day!
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listgirl said...

Hurray for the ipod sock AND for running!