Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet Isaac

We just got back from seeing Toy Story 3! It was AWESOME!!! We laughed so hard we were practically crying! I'm just amazed at the animation in that film! I appreciate those kinds of things more now that I'm into digi. It's definitely a must-see!

Before I shut the computer down for the night, I thought I would post one more thing for today (that's 3 in one day!). This was the page I had in mind after I posted the previous post. I imagined the clothesline with letters spelling something. And what a perfect word/name to spell than my precious nephew, Isaac. He seriously melts my heart!

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Nettie said...

ooooh! I am off to shop.....tee hee
I love what you did with the clothesline......
Roxanna has CK book and we were looking at it and admiring your talent!!!!

Jessica said...

I love this page of you and my handsome boy! And the idea of hanging the letters from the clothesline, it looks awesome! Matthew came up with a similar idea for our blog! So fun to do!!