Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Blanket-Finished!

A couple of days ago I [finally] finished the baby blanket! It was bittersweet though because I really enjoyed working on this and I don't think my hand were ready to leave the comfort and softeness of the blanket. This project even traveled with us up and down the Stikine River. It was nice to work on it and keep my lap warm in the process. It was a super easy project because every row was a knit row. It's the softest baby blanket! I have plans to make another one soon, but it will be a different pattern. And I still have a sweater I want to finish...

The sides of the blanket look better than shown here. This was like the 20th picture after getting frustrated with the camera set-up. Oi!

I love this view! Because all of the rows were knit rows, it makes the blanket even more smooth and soft. Perfect for a baby! Perfect for any age!

And just to show a scale for size, I threw a banana into the mix!
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Gabi said...

It looks so soft and cozy, love the colors, Christina!
Is there anything you can't do? lol. Love your creativity! xxx