Monday, October 11, 2010

Could you be any cuter?

Well, our weekend was pretty exciting. We basically had a category one hurricane Saturday night/Sunday morning and we were out of power for at least 22 hours. We had sustained winds of 80 mph-100 mph. Ouch! But I slept like a baby through it all...because of earplugs, which I need to wean myself off of since I didn't quite hear the smoke detectors going off downstairs (don't worry, there wasn't a fire, just a detector malfuntioning because of the power outage). And then it was also very exciting to have two bear cubs wrestling in our backyard, about 6 feet from our house last night. Baby Bear #1 must have won because he rolled around and chewed on our bird feeder. And as Quent let it know, "We happen to like that bird feeder! Get! Get!" Mama Bear was in the woods watching her children...eek! And tomorrow we are in for another big storm!!

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Jessica said...

What an adorable page... I'm especially partial to the subject! ;)